Best Search Engine Optimization Technician on the Planet

Best Search Engine Optimization Technician on the Planet

Rob Houglum   "Search Engine Domination Expert"

"A Success Driven Web Development Professional and the Best Search Engine Optimization Technician on the Planet with 20 Years of Experience".  Wired for you magazine.


  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • 1st Generation Web Application, Mobile Application Architecture and Development.
  • Managed Services such as Web Hosting Management, E Commerce Management, Internet Consulting
  • Management, Database Integration Management, Custom Content Management.

First Page Results Fuels Our Success. Its all about Finding The Algorithm.

"Each and EVERY day of my glorious life I spend monitoring Google, Yahoo and Bing's algorithm for change.Testing, Testing, Testing and more Testing. Everything from scripting to find a change in the algorithm to pinging key phrases 24-7, It Must Be Done to Achieve Success in this ever competitive industry"Rob Houglum
You don't have to beat your rivals by a mile, only by one position, although I like to think that my work can give you that extra mile of separation and make you unbeatable.

Customer Testimonials for Rob Houglum

"For over the past ten years, I have been in the business of selling auto glass service... lots of it. After losing a major national rental car account, I was looking to backfill our capacity with a more diverse market of retail business utilizing a marketplace we knew would grow - the Internet. We needed a large number of leads daily that we could turn into prospects and customers to help fill our now slower days. Having high quality leads was paramount in making sure we could utilize our capacity. Generating leads is a tough business, especially hot phone call leads. We tried doing it ourselves and failed miserably. We generated leads, but not fast enough and not of the high quality that we needed to close deals fast. While looking around for months to find a company that could meet our volume and quality specifications, even trying several outfits unsuccessfully along the way, we found Rob Houglum and were awash in leads ever since. Not only were we getting all the leads we wanted, these leads were converting better than anything we'd tried before or since. Same sales staff, same script, but more deals. That testifies to the high quality leads from Rob Houglum.  Rob Houglum tracks all the calls they generate. What this did was allow us to analyze volumes and performance. Data analysis is crucially important to our profitability, so this type of data is quite helpful. Every phone call is recorded and we listen to them every day so we can judge the effectiveness of our sales crew. If there's a weak link, that person is taken out of the phone queue and given more training, including listening to themselves as they talk to prospects. This has helped our reps build confidence and close more sales. Rob Houglum also grades and scores our calls, for a couple of reasons. First, accurate billing is of vital importance to both of our organizations. They want to get paid for valid calls and we don't want to pay for invalid calls. That's easily handled by their grading and scoring system, where they cast out dropped calls and wrong numbers before billing us. The great part is that, because we can listen to all of the recorded calls, we can audit their audit process and feel comfortable that we're only paying for good calls. Moreover, they frequently send us recordings where there may be a need for more sales rep training, as our success goes hand-in-hand with theirs. For some data on this endorsement, our company grew from 0% retail revenue in December 2009 to nearly 40% of our total revenue in March 2011, largely because of Lead Link Media. We had seen growth exceed 1,000 valid prospect calls per day looking for our service. The results are simply phenomenal. I give a hearty endorsement to Rob Houglum. His Live Lead Generation System has certainly worked for us!"

— Chris Mattingly, Auto Glass Shop Professional
"Rob Houglum is a talented businessman with a knack for identifying and developing unique and innovative opportunities. He is a valuable resource and brings a great wealth of experience to the table. I would most definitely work with him again."
— Jason Schieck, Internet Marketing Intern,
"There are very few people I've come across in my life who are so clearly born to be an entrepreneur as Rob Houglum. He has that special combination of selling skills, communication abilities, charisma and most of all an unbelievably thorough knowledge of marketing and all the industries in which he works. If it exists, he can sell it and if it doesn't, he will create it - and then sell it."
— Christine Whitmarsh, Owner, Christine, Ink.
"Passionate and motivated. A pleasure to work with!"
— Mike Brannon, Owner/Multimedia Director, MotionOne Studios, LLP
"Rob Houglum = Results"
— Daniel Bernal, Dynamic Interactive Corp.

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